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Did you know, your brain works like a SuperComputer –  with an operating system, programs, algorithms – your believes, habits, thoughts… If you want to make some bigger change or achieve new goals you need to update your beliefs, thinking, acting – it’s like updating your supercomputer programs.

Your brain is like a muscle you can train it, but it’s impossible to have results in one day. It’s like you can’t run Marathon just after one training… But when you practice a year with good and productive training program –  You can achieve your goals!

Keep Your Brain Sharp & Active

Learning a new skill is good way to keep your brain active.

Start learning new language, basic of chess.. 

Try to solve Rubik Cube, puzzels..

Or new handcraft, Origami..

Even try some Brain Cames App..



Do Things the Hard Way

Use your brain instead of mobile phone for basic mental skill  – for example mathematics.

Turn off GPS and learn how to use map – new areas, locations and your innate sense of directions.

Impress your friends to learn for example first 100 digitals of pi (π) or their phone numbers, addresses.


Be Fit. Be Smart.


Excercising has big impact to your Brain. It also boosts your energy level, improves memory and thinking skills.


What if you can’t excercise? Walk with your dog, clean the kitchen, wash your car, go into nature – any physical activity is always better than doing nothing.

Break Your Routine & Schedule

One easy step to increasing your brain function is to vary your daily routine and schedule. Oftentimes you will find yourself in a set schedule… You will do the same job, have the same activities, watch the same TV shows etc…

Adding some variety into your schedule, even small things, can make your brain work a little more.

For instance, you could take a backroad home from work that you’ve never driven before. You could go for a walk before/after dinner.

Try new things, challenge yourself and embrace new adventures!


Eat Smart

We get our energy from food – take care of youself by eating healthy. It doesn’t have to complicated, home cooked meal and eating fresh fruits and vegetables during the day is already great start. 


It’s also good to remember that food is not just a nutrion – it can be also enjoyiment, experience, with new tastes or memories.

Share your dining with family and friends!


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