New! 5-Minute Memory & Brain Training Origami

  • The course is specially designed for people who work for example in bisnes or travel a lot, have a tight schedule and are modern-day go getters.
  • Origami Benefits
    • Help to improve your creativity skills
    • Help keep your brain active
    • Help to improve ability to problem solving
    • Improve your memory
    • Enhances the ability to focus
    • Help to improve concentration
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New! Improve Your Concentration with 5-Minute Origami Training

  • Quick and Easy Brain Training Origami Exercises To Relieve Stress, Have Better Concentration and Strengthen Your Memory.  Exercises improves cognition and helps perform better on things like planning, scheduling, multitasking and working memory.

New! Exciting Origami Models for Youth to Train Mathematical Thinking and Focus

  • Online Origami Training for Youth gives skills and new a way improve Mathematical Thingink, Creativity Skills and Focus. The course includes modules to wake up inspiration and creativity in the new way.
    • Improve Creativity Skills & Faster Thinking
    • More Motivation, Better Mood
    • Improve Self-Confidence
    • Improve ability of creative problem-solving
    • Improve Concetration and Better Focus

New! Creativity Work With Children

  • Online Origami Training for Adults gives skills and a way improve Children’s Creativity. The course includes easy modules to wake up inspiration the new way. After course you can teach and make Origami with kids.
  • Benefits of Folding skills
    • Inspires Children creativity
    • Train Memory and Brainwork
    • More Motivation, Better Mood
    • Improve Children’s Self-Confidence
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Kaija Toivakka

Founder at Caia’s Origami  I Coach at Caia’s Brain Training

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