“Neuroscience and Brain & Memory Training tools are one way to improve your creativity.

Creativity support’s every area of our lives – among other thing’s our work, success, motivation, learning, self-confidence”  

Hello! My name is Kaija.  I have been interested in neuroscience and brain training skills for many years specially from the prespective how easy and simple brain training tips can support our everyday life and work-life balance. Last year I started my own online business and share and help others with topics I learned myself.


Kaija Toivakka

Founder at Caia's Training I Coach at Caia's Brain Training Founder & Instructor at Caia's Origami I Entrepreneur

Why Brain Training? Have you ever thought is there a roadmap for success, better work-life balance...

I have been always interested in physics, maths, science.. For years I have been studied neuroscience and brain training teqniques specially from the perspective how easy and simple teqniques could support our everyday life, business, our core.

Most people think that brain science and trainings are too difficult to understand and there is no time for long and massive studies.
That's the reason I am developing easy and quick trainings to support your work-life balance and maximise your potential.

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Creativity is intelligence having fun -Albert Einstein


Why Origami? Most people think of origami as paper folding but it has many applications beyond just paper. Artists have started incorporating origami elements into fashion design and architecture and there are even applications in the fields of engineering and medicine.
Origami is a lovely example of the too-often-ignored intersections between science and art. Modular origami leans more toward the mathematical side, but the potential for a practically infinite variety of shapes that are (both visually and theoretically) beautiful is also rather artistic.

Origami is good for you as it develops eye hand co-ordination, sequencing skills, maths reasoning, spatial skills, memory, but also patenience and attention skills. Origami allows you to develop fine motor skills and mental concentration. All of this combined stimulates the brain – especially when BOTH hands are being used at the same time.
Caias's creative Origami - Inspiration & Intelligence

Don’t confuse having a career with having a life – Hillary Clinton




Succes is not "What" it is "Who". The most important thing to remember is the " Who" is always trainable and learnable.
It all starts with your Core. New training mean new ways of thinking, new actions, new resalts. Success is by-prodact of wellbeing.

Physics agree that nothing in this world is static. Everything alive is constantly changing.
The idea is to grow youself into succesful person. The outer world is merely reflection your inner person. There is a saying " You take yourself with whenever you go" . If you grow yourself to become succesful person, in strengh of character and mind, you will be successful in everything you do.

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